Steph Osmanski | 20 Things I Want to Do This November
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20 Things I Want to Do This November

20 Things I Want to Do This November


And just like that, it’s November. Doesn’t it seem like there is no transition between the end of October and the start of November at all? It’s unforgiving. It’s like we spend all October leading up to this be-all-end-all event where we all eat our body weight in candy and wear costumes. Then suddenly, it’s all gone when we wake up and the orange lights and spooky decorations have to come down immediately.

October was great. I started a new job, joined a different gym, picked out and decorated a pumpkin, and even climbed Sleeping Giant Mountain with my dad (the latter I hadn’t done in years). I went to Trader Joes for the first time in months (since I don’t have transportation to one here) and stocked up on everything cider and pumpkin-flavored imaginable. I breathed fresh air. I crunched leaves under my feet. I admired the New England foliage. So what’s in store this November? I scratched together a to-do list.

  1. Recreate delicious oatmeal chocolate chip coconut cookies that I made last month
  2. Locate the best chai latte in Midtown East
  3. Be given the token fall coffee cup by Starbucks at least once (seriously, why are they always out?)
  4. Instagram a picture of Mums
  5. Work out at least three times a week
  6. Write for an hour every day
  7. Make it to more than one yoga class this month
  8. Go on a car ride to do some New England-bound leaf peeping
  9. Restock my canvas supply and paint more often
  10. Walk for an hour at least every day
  11. Call the people I love more often
  12. Spend more time reading at Pier A
  13. Go back to Le Vain for some more chocolate chip cookies
  14. Spend approximately 50% of my paycheck stocking up for the winter a la Trader Joes
  15. Read at least one book
  16. Pick out my work outfits the night before
  17. Schedule a more strict regimen for my blog
  18. Try a new dish once a week
  19. Ponder what and who I’m genuinely grateful for
  20. Listen to the new Adele song without crying

What are your November plans? Is there anything you’re really looking forward to this month?

Steph Osmanski
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  • I love your list. Good luck!

    November 2, 2015 at 11:44 am

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