Steph Osmanski | A Very Vibrant Weekend
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A Very Vibrant Weekend

A Very Vibrant Weekend


Any holiday there is — Halloween, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day — is basically an excuse to DIY. Oh, it’s Valentine’s Day? I shall craft hand-made V-day cards with cute sayings on them for all my friends. St. Patrick’s Day? It’s the perfect excuse to bake anything.that’ But Easter? Easter is intuitively DIY-ish. After all, Easter’s “thing” is to dye eggs. Does it get any better than that?


So of course, myself and my DIY-savvy friends just HAD to turn it into an event — the egg-dying, I mean. (Any excuse for a sleepover/90s dance party, right?) There was chocolate fondue, plenty of hummus, an endless supply of Backstreet Boys, and a great deal of dyed fingers.



There wasn’t really a method to our egg-dying madness but how do YOU decorate your easter eggs? Leave a comment! 



Steph Osmanski
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