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Looking for some new and exciting apps to download? Here are the five must-have apps that I'm currently obsessed with and am always using on my phone.
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Apps I’m Currently Obsessed With

What’s on my iPhone? Since I’m always super curious to know which apps people are using on their phones, I thought the New Year would be the perfect opportunity to write up a post about the apps I’m currently obsessed with. I definitely would recommend downloading each of these apps — though I can’t speak for Android users — because each of them I use for a specific purpose.


A few of the apps I’ve chosen to list below are for entertainment purposes, others fall into more practical categories, in that I use them to manage my social accounts, for work, or for personal planning. Want to see which apps I’m currently obsessed with? Keep reading to find out!


Photo by Mia Baker on Unsplash


So by no means is QuizUp a new thing in the app world. Actually, I used to be a big QuizUp fan a few years back when I first heard about it but recently, at the end of 2017, I got back on the train. It’s a gaming app that features different categories of trivia. You can literally play any category you want — from Harry Potter trivia to The Office to more general categories like math, spelling, or grammar. What’s specifically cool about QuizUp is that you can either invite a specific friend (who’s also on the platform) to play against you in a round of trivia or you have the option to play a solo trivia match or go up against a complete stranger.

Words With Friends

WWF — another gaming app that is by no means new. It’s basically a digital version of Scrabble in which you can go against your friends. Just like with QuizUp, I had Words With Friends back in my college days. I actually think I deleted the app because some of the matches were too heated and I was a poor sore loser (LOL). But now I’ve grown and matured and feel ready to handle the sweet sting of defeat (that’s completely untrue, I’m still a sore loser, especially when it comes to games where spelling and knowing words is the hallmark talent).


This is an app I recently became obsessed with. While I wish I could give credit where credit is due, I’m actually completely unsure how I heard of this app. ThinkDirty is a lot like the Target app, in that it allows you to scan specific products. Unlike the Target app, scanning products doesn’t open up a page about the product’s price. Instead, ThinkDirty uses a scale with its own unique parameters to determine whether or not a product — body wash, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, or other kinds of beauty products — qualify as “dirty” or “clean.” ThinkDirty analyzes all of the ingredients within a specific product and determines whether or not any of those chemicals and ingredients are a part of studies that show links to cancer, developmental and reproductive impairments, allergies, and other immunotoxicities. ThinkDirty then rates the product based on how high it is in carcinogenicity and other toxicities. The closer the number is to 10, the dirtier it is.

I like to use this for all of the products in my beauty regimen — including anything that’s in my makeup bag or on my bathroom shelf. I actually stopped using Cetaphil is my daily cleanser because of this app. (It scored mortifyingly high on carcinogenicity.)


It’s the social media manager in me. I need to know who’s stalking me, who’s unfollowing me, who’s following me, and all of the statistics that come with it. I actually pay for the version of Reports+ that gives you a bit more information than the free version. It offers a lot of insights like as to who your earliest followers were, how many (and which) photos you’ve untagged yourself in on IG, and an all-inclusive list of all the users you’ve ever unfollowed and who have ever unfollowed you.


Had to include a period app on here, just had to. There are a ton of different apps on which people who menstruate can track their cycles but I personally like Flo the best (at this point in my life) because it has a very intuitive, user-friendly way of tracking symptoms. Also, it has the option to lock the app with a passcode, that way if your phone falls into unworthy hands, no one can see what notes you’ve been adding in or come across anything that may feel TMI.

Flo also has a helpful option to turn on an alarm that alerts you to take your birth control pill. Unlike the standard iPhone alarm, the Flo alarm will literally bother you with badges until you open up the app and check off that you’ve taken your day’s pill. As someone who is notoriously bad at remembering to take her pill — full disclosure here and absolutely NO shame — this feature is a must-have for me!

For more, watch the video below:

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