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Author:Steph Osmanski

Intern Series Part 1

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="487"] Meet my girl Allie Carmichael.[/caption] So I've decided to do a short mini-series of interviews with my fellow interns that worked alongside me at Seventeen. The internship is over now for all of us but we're still taking in everything we've learned throughout...

Weekly Pop Culture

So in case any of you live under a rock that subsequently is located in a cave, underground, underwater, on the planet Mars, I've decided to round up some of the craziest headlines from this week. Let's not forget...

A roundup of celebrity ink

        So Demi Lovato got some new ink last week. Lovato is no stranger to tattoos, as she has - I believe - somewhere around 12 tattoos total, including this new addition. She went to Kat Von D for her new right arm forearm tattoo: birds...