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Author:Steph Osmanski

My Summer 2015 Makeup Essentials

  If you are one of those people that doesn't alter that beauty routine for the summer months, then you're either a) doing it wrong or b) graced with a flawless complexion that allows you to go relatively bare-faced at all times. If you fall into...

Happy Father’s Day

My dad. Aside from being the only person I know who has the capability to grow and maintain the world's most epic mustache for the past 40 something years (yes, he's had that caterpillar since his twenties), you also have the inexplainable ability to make...

This Week’s Pinterest Highlights

  I've been less preoccupied with the idea of summer and more preoccupied with what makes me me. Call me dramatic if you want, but I'm currently reading Man's Quest for Meaning by Viktor Frankl and it is difficult to take in without getting emotional or philosophical....