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Steph Osmanski is a freelance B2C wellness writer, blogger, and brand consultant. She can create you well-written, grammatically-correct, expertly-edited content and also provide tips on how to better manage your social media brand.
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love goodly cruelty free vegan beauty 2

Love Goodly October/November Box: Review

Love Goodly, the cruelty-free and green beauty subscription box for vegans and zero wasters who love clean beauty, has released the October/November box. I'm always so excited when Love Goodly asks me to review the unboxing experience because I know the values that are important to LG and the products they curate for each bi-monthly box always align with those values. It's so refreshing to see a subscription box that sustainably sources its products and makes clean beauty a priority. Did you know women put an...

alaska luxury tours

12 Days in Alaska: What I Packed

In August, I got an opportunity to travel to Alaska for 12 days. Half the time was spent on land, bouncing from hotel to hotel, and the second half was a sea portion, a cruise through Alaska that ended in Vancouver, Canada. Once my flight to Fairbanks, Alaska was booked, I had only one question in my mind: What do I pack for 12 days in Alaska? These are my Alaska packing tips.   Packing for any trip, even a weekend one, is difficult for me. Some...

what is cornerstone content

6 Ways to Use Cornerstone Content to Rank Higher on SEO

Now that you know how to make Instagram's new algorithm work to your advantage, let's dive into cornerstone content. Firstly, what is it? Cornerstone content are the most important articles on your website; they are informative, long-form explainers, oftentimes an amalgamation of other shorter posts. Do you need cornerstone content on your website?Absolutely. Cornerstone content is also known as "evergreen content." However, let's be careful when throwing around the phrase "evergreen." I'll get more into that in a second...

bristly toothbrush review dogs

Bristly DIY Dog Toothbrush: A Review

Bristly is a new kind of dog toothbrush that allows your pup a bit more independence when it comes to teeth brushing. Instead of having to side-swipe your dog with a sneak attack that involves a finger-sized toothbrush and peanut butter-flavored toothpaste, Bristly provides your dog with a fun alternative while also taking care of your dog's oral health. Do you know how important it is to brush your dog's teeth? According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, four out of five dogs will suffer...

instagram strategy hashtags

5 Actionable Ways to Update Hashtag Strategy

Let's talk hashtag strategy. Last week, I delved deep into the intricacies of Instagram's new algorithm, identifying the ways that it works and best practices brands and businesses can use to make the algorithm work to their best advantage. Now, it's time to bring hashtags into the mix. After all, they're a huge part of how Instagram works.   Hashtags have a pretty tumultuous reputation. The shadow ban scare of 2017 — which Instagram has since admitted does not exist — is mostly to blame for that not-so-good rep. But...

benefits uses manuka honey

Healing Wounds With Manuka Honey

This just in: You can heal yourself with honey. Manuka honey is a specific kind of honey hailed for its healing, antibacterial properties that go back thousands of years. It has been a part of New Zealand's indigenous cultures for decades thanks to its many uses. These include dressing wounds, enhancing the digestive tract, and healing almost any type of infection, cut, or bite. (Fun fact: Did you know that in New Zealand, manuka honey is called "jellybush?") A huge part of self-care of course is healing...

IGTV for businesses

Increase Social Engagement with IGTV

With Instagram's latest announcement of IGTV, the platform has never been more tailored to businesses and brands. IGTV is Instagram's video initiative to rival that of YouTube, the video platform where tons of influencers started out making videos and also, making a name for themselves online. IGTV — which is accessible both via a stand-alone app and on Instagram itself — allows users to upload videos up to an hour long on the photo-sharing platform. Show your audience how to use your product Partner with influencers ...