Steph Osmanski | Steph Osmanski: Freelance B2C Wellness Writer, Blogger, and Brand Consultant
Steph Osmanski is a freelance B2C wellness writer, blogger, and brand consultant. She can create you well-written, grammatically-correct, expertly-edited content and also provide tips on how to better manage your social media brand.
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The Weekly Pinterest Highlights

When I think of "summer," I think of words like "light" and "breezy." Sure, the summer months are chock full of sweaty, scorching days, but yet, my mind prefers to wander to the adjectives synonymous with "light and breezy." Summer clothes should be light and breezy, not too tight and constricting. Pool time is light and breezy - the calming effect of the water as it grazes your toes. A summertime manicure shouldn't be too harsh of course, but rather, showcase light colors like corals,...

7-Step Minimalistic Summer Beauty Routine

If you're anything like me, summer completely changes your make-up routine. The layers of heat and stickiness, plus the ever-present promise of a mid-day dip in the pool, keeps my make-up from June to August to a minimum. Not only do I wear less make-up so that it doesn't run when exposed to either humidity or chlorine, but I also choose to wear less because of my complexion. In the summertime, my already olive-colored skin becomes exceptionally tanned, therefore making it feel all too cakey...

This Week’s Pinterest Highlights

Here's a compilation of some of the coolest and cutest pins from this week. From beauty to fashion to celebs' adorable pets, there were so many amazing images to curate this week on everybody's favorite virtual photo board, Pinterest. Beauty This bold look is the perfect way to turn your look up a notch at nighttime. It's officially July now, so most of our days are more often times than not spent sans make-up, laying out in the sun and working on our tans. But once the...

How to be fabulous: a twenty-something’s mini guide

I mean, I'm no Emily Schuman but lately I've been thinking a lot about how to sum up, basically via blog post or otherwise a 140-character Tweet, how to be fabulous. Holly Golightly, and by extension, Audrey Hepburn, is the absolute epitome of "fabulous," and thus sits at the forefront of many peoples' minds regarding the subject of fabulousness. Golightly, yes, the fictional character created by the genius of Truman Capote, encompasses every meaning of the word, as well as the meanings of other words, such as...