Steph Osmanski | Steph Osmanski: Freelance B2C Wellness Writer, Blogger, and Brand Consultant
Steph Osmanski is a freelance B2C wellness writer, blogger, and brand consultant. She can create you well-written, grammatically-correct, expertly-edited content and also provide tips on how to better manage your social media brand.
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Beauty spotlight: Carly Rae Jepsen

So it's been one month short of a year and by now, we've all pretty much accepted the fact that "Call Me Maybe" will forever go down in infamy. It's probably the catchiest pop song of our time and not only that but it defines something specific about our generation and the power of the Internet. Carly Rae Jepsen's tune "Call Me Maybe" spawned hundreds of thousands of parody videos and the song alone (of course, along with the huge platform that being buddy-buddy with...

A roundup of celebrity ink

        So Demi Lovato got some new ink last week. Lovato is no stranger to tattoos, as she has - I believe - somewhere around 12 tattoos total, including this new addition. She went to Kat Von D for her new right arm forearm tattoo: birds that swarm away from the word "faith," which was previously inked. Demi's latest tattoo got me thinking. How many young stars have tattoos? Perhaps more importantly, how do we feel about them?Β There's Harry Styles...