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Steph Osmanski is a freelance B2C wellness writer, blogger, and brand consultant. She can create you well-written, grammatically-correct, expertly-edited content and also provide tips on how to better manage your social media brand.
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benefits uses manuka honey

Healing Wounds With Manuka Honey

This just in: You can heal yourself with honey. Manuka honey is a specific kind of honey hailed for its healing, antibacterial properties that go back thousands of years. It has been a part of New Zealand's indigenous cultures for decades thanks to its many uses. These include dressing wounds, enhancing the digestive tract, and healing almost any type of infection, cut, or bite. (Fun fact: Did you know that in New Zealand, manuka honey is called "jellybush?") A huge part of self-care of course is healing...

IGTV for businesses

Increase Social Engagement with IGTV

With Instagram's latest announcement of IGTV, the platform has never been more tailored to businesses and brands. IGTV is Instagram's video initiative to rival that of YouTube, the video platform where tons of influencers started out making videos and also, making a name for themselves online. IGTV — which is accessible both via a stand-alone app and on Instagram itself — allows users to upload videos up to an hour long on the photo-sharing platform. Show your audience how to use your product Partner with influencers ...

dealing with hyperpigmentation

Dealing With Hyperpigmentation

What are hyperpigmentation marks? Oh, how I wish I didn't know. I hadn't heard the word "hyperpigmentation" until I was about 21 and I distinctly remember thinking, "Glad that doesn't happen to my skin." But then in a Odyssey-like spin to thrill the gods, I turned about 25 and bam — I started suffering from acne scarring.   My personal skincare journey has been an interesting one and after years of blogging, I feel like there is a lot of content out there about my struggles with my own...

living with emotional support animal

Living With an ESA 101

When I first got my dog Koda, I knew immediately that I wanted to register her as an Emotional Support Animal. In the year and a half since I went through that process, I have traveled with my ESA on a plane to Puerto Rico, taken her on overnight trips to Vermont, Upstate New York, and Astoria. Now, I have the opportunity of benefiting from the housing accommodations that come with an Emotional Support Animal.   When you register your dog as an Emotional Support Animal, there are...

new instagram algorithm 2018

Beat the Instagram Algorithm: Tips

The Instagram algorithm has changed again. But this time, the masterminds behind it are offering some key insight into how it works. Whether you use Instagram for business or personal (or both!) purposes, here is everything you need to understand about how the new algorithm functions.   The main effort behind the latest Instagram algorithm change is to make peoples' feeds "more chronological." Instagram wants to improve the content users see most frequently based on what kind of content they like and engage with.   "Instagram relies on machine...

travel guide southampton new york

A Guide to Traveling in Southampton

This summer I got the opportunity to move to the Hamptons and during my stay, I've decided to write up a travel guide. From the end of May to early August, I will be living, working, and writing in Southampton. As a byproduct of my recent move, I'm really hoping to learn more about the famed area and spend more time outdoors exploring what it has to offer.   But for now, I'd like to start with this. I attend grad school in Southampton full-time, so before...

establishing a self care routine

20 Things I Do For My Self-Care Routine

Never underestimate the power of a self-care routine. Over the past year and a half, that has certainly become my motto. When it comes to self-care, the case can be made for literally any activity that makes you feel good, inspired, and refreshed. I get a lot of questions about self-care because I'm always posting about it on Instagram. As my one friend Jesi put it, I "have a different self-care tip like, every day."   What can I say, mental health and my general well-being are...