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Guys, I wasn't going to admit this on social media or for that matter, anywhere on the Internet, but I did it. I cancelled my subscription to Ipsy. Ahhh, don't hate me! Don't stick me in a pillory in the town square while furious townsfolk...

My Summer 2015 Makeup Essentials

  If you are one of those people that doesn't alter that beauty routine for the summer months, then you're either a) doing it wrong or b) graced with a flawless complexion that allows you to go relatively bare-faced at all times. If you fall into...

This Week’s Pinterest Highlights

The gorgeous weather spilled over into this week and my internal clock is officially convinced it's summer. There have been fresh flowers adorning the kitchen island, lots of late-night reading sessions in the back garden patio, and more cooking than usual. I attribute the improved weather...