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Intern style #13: Feeling pink

If you've been following my Intern Style posts, you may have noticed a common thread between all of the outfits that I post. Apparently, (and you'd never know this by my actual wardrobe) I have an affinity for pink. More than that, I tend to lean toward...

Intern Style #11

I thought I'd do a little something different this week for Intern Style #11. Surprise! It's little ole me! I was on my way to New York City for a meeting and thought it was the perfect photo opportunity to share my professional attire of...

Intern Style #9 – Beckoning Spring

Here in inland Connecticut, we're slated to get 10 inches of snow this week, which causes a resounding "ugh!" to be heard around the entire state. So for Intern Style #9, I thought I'd forget that small little fact by attempting to beckon spring with...