4 Tips for Creating Successful Email Newsletters | Email Marketing Tips
What's the key to creating successful email newsletters? Check out these four tips for distributing email marketing with a clear strategy, that sees fast, profitable results.
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4 Tips for Successful Email Newsletters

Email newsletters used to be my kryptonite… until I realized how good I was at putting them together. I stopped complaining about building out 17 newsletters a week in a previous role and started instead feeling gratitude for the invaluable hands-on training I was getting in email marketing. Now, years later, I’m super confident in my ability to throw together a newsletter worthy of your time, so it’s time to transfer the insight.

It does make things more complicated for us: the content creators of the world. How do we set ourselves apart?

What’s the secret? Email marketing is becoming more and more popular, which by today’s all-Internet, all-the-time standards is a no-brainer. But it does make things more complicated for us: the content creators of the world. How do we set ourselves, our brands, apart from all those other brands (and individuals) with a newsletter?


Here are five tips for creating a successful email newsletter that will set you apart from the rest:


1. It’s all about the voice

No one wants to read a newsletter that sounds like it’s been written by a robot. Similarly, no one wants to read a newsletter, the sole intention of which sounds like it wants to push a product down your throat in exchange for $$$. Know your voice but most especially, know which voice will work for your demographic.


Write concisely but while still maintaining the voice that’s integral to your brand.


2. It’s also all about the imagery

Nobody has time in 2017 for an email campaign with blurry or too-small or low-quality photos. If images are not your strong suit, there are plenty of free stock image sites out there that will let you download photos and use them for free.


Choose an image that makes the intent of your newsletter clear. The imagery should reflect the content inside the newsletter, while drawing the reader’s eye.


3. Email newsletters are also all about the content

What is the purpose of your newsletter? Make sure you know this before even starting to write it. Write several drafts, rereading them over each time to make sure that it’s clear what the newsletter’s intention is.

No one needs a newsletter in their inbox that just wants to chat. It should have a theme and a purpose that’s clearly stated.


4. Make the call to action clear

Now that you know the purpose of your newsletter, make sure your viewer does, too. What are they supposed to gain from this newsletter? Most importantly, what are they supposed to do once they’re finished reading it?


Call to actions could include following on social media, signing up for a webinar, purchasing a product, following a partner, or engaging in some other way, like referring a friend to the newsletter.


4. Reel ’em in with a tantalizing subject line

This is where you can make it or break it. The subject line is what gets your viewer to either open the initial email or immediately drag it to the trash.


The subject line must answer a viewer’s first few questions. Does this topic interest me? Do I feel compelled to read the content inside? Does this topic relate to me? What will I gain from this newsletter topic?


There you are: four super easy ways to create successful newsletters that will not only get opened every time you send them but that will also get read!


How do you practice successful email marketing? Comment below!

Steph Osmanski
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