Hoboken, NJ: A 6-Month Review - Steph Osmanski
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Hoboken, NJ: A 6-Month Review


August marked my sixth month since making the permanent move to Hoboken. Seeing as I’ve wanted to find an apartment in Hoboken since I first moved to New Jersey back in 2013, I think the six-month anniversary is the perfect time to evaluate: Has the move lived up to the hype?

At this point in my life, I can’t imagine living anywhere else. My bedroom is a great size, boasts a fireplace and a gorgeous chandelier. The communal kitchen is large and inviting for guests and perfect for roommate Game Night, which usually consists of hard root beers and Cards Against Humanity. One of my favorite features of the apartment is the back garden, which we work hard to take advantage of from about May-September. (Hopefully the annuals I planted return next Spring.)

I love walking eight blocks to the train. I love having the option of taking the bus if I feel a little lazy. I like ordering Seamless to my door, whether it’s froyo from Love & Yogurt or margherita pizza from Napoli’s.

I love meeting my roommates at Farside for drinks on a weekday. I enjoy editing my latest writing at the bwè kafe and going to Pier A films in the park during the summer months. I love walking past Carlo’s Bakery every single day and constantly having to dodge out of tourist’s pictures.

I love the pancakes at Hoboken Gourmet Company on a Sunday during brunch and the frittata and Nutella donuts at Anthony David’s. I love the drinks specials and the penne a la vodka from the Hoboken Bar & Grill and the shrimp tacos at Mikey Squared. I used to love working out on each floor of Planet Fitness and I even love waiting around for Retro Fitness to finish its painstaking construction.

I love spending last week’s paycheck, half at Dear Hannah and half at Dor La Dor. I love drinking bellinis and playing Jenga at Pier 13 while listening to a playlist that mostly consists of Gotye. I enjoy how cheap the drinks are at Tally Ho and how great the music is Cadillac Cantina.

I love the rooftop bar at City Bistro and the watermelon, shrimp, and feta salad on its Monday night menu. I love stopping by Panera for dinner instead of actually cooking my own meal. I love walking around the corner to Dunkin’ Donuts when I’m in desperate need of a chai.

Most especially, I love the R.O.R., AKA the Room of Requirement, AKA the Delite Market on 9th and Washington. It’s stocked with everything from toilet paper to soap to kiwis to almond milk to batteries to USB cords to eggs to bouquets of sunflowers.

I’ve only been a resident of Hoboken for six months now, but in case you couldn’t tell, I’ve been seriously loving getting to know this city (and the city of Manhattan on top of it). Hopefully, in another six months, I’ll know this city even better, have created more memories, and have added to my list of personal pockets. Maybe I’ll even locate the perfect margarita…

(Side note: A little birdie tells me it exists at East LA. I’m coming for you…)

Have you fallen in love with your city, too? Comment below what your favorite places in your town are!

Steph Osmanski
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