How to Build a Better Bath - Steph Osmanski
What's the secret to building a better bath? Check out these tips for turning bath time into a stress-free moment all about self-care.
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How to Build a Better Bath

How to Build a Better Bath

Bath time is my favorite kind of self-care. It’s solely dedicated to taking care of me, winding down from the stress of the day, and relaxing. What’s better than that (besides maybe a glass of rose)? From bath bombs to self-made scrubs, to burning a candle to creating the perfect playlist, how you set the mood for bath time can have a profound effect on the way you are taking care of yourself.


What’s the secret to building a better bath? For a long time, I would work myself up to the idea of a luxurious bath, only to step in the tub and become overwhelmed. Maybe that sounds crazy or maybe that sounds familiar. I’m not sure what it was that used to be so anxiety-inducing for me, but I just didn’t feel comfortable for an extended period of time.


I would start sweating, the bathroom steaming up so much that I had to bail on what was supposed to be my “me-time.” Or I would let my mind roam and percolate until I became so obsessed with the list of things I had to do or get done, that I would escape. How can you build a better, more relaxing bath? These are the tips that have helped me self-soothe and actually enjoy bath time.


Photo by Naomi August on Unsplash

Consider scent pairings.

Aside from the physical feeling of the water, one of the most important senses to please during a bath is smell. So how are you going to soothe your senses — will it be lavender? Will it be rose water? Or will it be jasmine? Make sure to choose the scent that works for you, that makes you feel good and relaxed. If you’re also burning a candle or have other soaps present in the bathroom, ensure that those external smells also pair well with the theme smell of your bath. 

Clear out bathroom clutter.

One of the things that drives me nuts about bath time is how confined of an area my bathroom actually is. Since my house has such a small bathroom, it calms me down to reclaim the space by clearing out some of its clutter (temporarily, of course). I’ll do this by removing the garbage can and toilet paper holder, plus anything else that gives me the feeling of less space.

Use candles or aromatherapy.

Burning a candle is one of my favorite ways to redefine my bath and make it feel more personalized. While I haven’t personally traversed into aromatherapy during bathroom (I’ve only ever used it during yoga or Reiki sessions), there are a lot of benefits that can come from mixing oils with as meditative a time as bath time.

Make a playlist.

My personal favorite thing to do listen to while I’m taking a bath is a podcast. Music playlists might be your thing and sometimes those work for me, too. But since it’s my time to unwind, I get to pick which audio is going to make me feel best. What works for you? Meditation music? Pop? Indie? A podcast interview?


Steph Osmanski
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