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How to Find Your Style

How to Find Your Style

I never had style, especially growing up. I constantly misinterpreted “style” and “fashion” as synonymous but I learned as I grew older that they weren’t. A sense of fashion is easy — anyone can acquire it. All it entails is keeping up with the latest trends and perpetually updating your wardrobe. But style? I’m not sure that can be taught. Style is timeless, seemingly effortless, and much more difficult to upkeep. Style is classic.


What’s your style? Do you know? I can detail many of my fashion phases: There was a sneaker/high-heel hybrid phase, a headband phase, a my-hair-is-black-so-my-outfits-shall-also-be-black phase, and a black-and-white stripes phase. Now, at the age of 25, I’m more interested in curating a wardrobe that is wholeheartedly me, aside from whatever fashion is current.


Finding your style may be more arduous than you would initially think. Do you know what you like? Do you wear the same few pieces over and over again? Do you still have items in your closet that you rarely touch? These are just a few questions to get you started and on your way to discovering your true style.


(Photo by Hannah Morgan on Unsplash)

Use Pinterest to figure out what you like.

It may sound weird, relying on a social media site to help you discover your style interests, but its algorithm can actually work in your favor. Whenever you “like” or repin something on Pinterest, its innate algorithm takes that photo into account and later on in your feed, tries to replicate it with similar pins. If you sign onto your account and realize there is a whole lot of X on your feed, it’s probably indicative of pinning patterns that the site picked up on. That means, you must really like whatever X is!

Splurge for wardrobe staples.

You can spend $20 here, $20 there for essential pieces that you wear often but over time, the wear and tear on these staples is going to be evident. Splurging for key pieces is going to go a long way and it’s going to make a different. You’ll notice the fit is better, you’ll get more wear out of these pieces, the quality is better, and the confidence you exude while wearing them is going to be apparent. Chances are, you’ll start reaching for the splurges more often, not because they are expensive, but because you love the way you feel in them.

Focus on what fits and what’s comfortable.

The biggest style mistake to ever be made is settling for something that doesn’t fit or isn’t comfortable. Trust me, there is a reason you don’t reach for that one blouse you have had for the past year. I know it’s super cute but if it’s hitting you in all the wrong places and you don’t like the way you look in it, chances are you’ll never feel comfortable in it. Get rid of it and vow to try things on in the store before you buy them, that way there will be no surprises when you take the piece home and try it on for the first time.


Steph Osmanski
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