Eyebrow Routine: How to Get Perfect Brows - Steph Osmanski
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Eyebrow Routine: How to Get Perfect Brows

Eyebrow Routine: How to Get Perfect Brows

Let’s talk about brows, baby! In all seriousness, I’ve let this blog go on long enough without addressing my obsession with the perfect brow routine. It’s finally time.


One of the first things people notice about my appearance is usually my eyes and by extension, my eyebrows. With the exception of a few awkward middle-school age years where I won the first prize in unnecessary over-plucking, I have had thick, “statement” brows my entire life. One time on a date, a guy told me I had “dope ass brows” and it’s a compliment that’s forever stuck with me.


Believe me, I’m no Cara Delevingne, but throughout the years, I’ve learned a thing or two about grooming my eyebrows to perfection.


The days of not knowing how to manage my brows are far behind me, which is why I feel confident enough to share my perfect eyebrow routine. Of course, my preferences have changed over the years, but I’ve finally gotten my system down to a science.


Previously, I was an outspoken advocate for European Wax Center—their waxing services and products, too. Specifically, I exclusively used their brow powder (in brown/red) and their eyebrow tamer product for many years.


In 2016, I decided I was well-versed enough in managing my own brows that I could cut out the rather hefty expense of getting them professionally done. (A huge factor in this was that I would get them done to my un-satisfication, and then end up touching them up myself.)


The products currently in my eyebrow arsenal are two types of tweezers: one with a thicker end and one with a pointed end, which is better for grabbing pesky short hairs. I also use the Benefit Gimme Brow eyebrow pencil [in this color] and corresponding gel.



Step 1. Comb your brows upwards. This helps with identifying which rogue hairs to pluck, the areas you would prefer to grow out, and the shape of your brows.


Step 2. Use the Benefit Gimme Brow pencil to check the angle that runs from the end of your brow to the corner of your eye. This helps you assess several things: Whether or not you should pluck a bit off the end of your brows (as mine tend to grow long), whether or not you should grow them out longer, or if you need to add a bit of length with your pencil.


Step 3. With light, short, and gentle strokes, start defining your eyebrow. I tend to work from the middle outward, which helps me from making the outward lines too harsh and accidentally defining my eyebrow too starkly.


Step 4. Personally, I usually need a bit of help when it comes to the arc of my eyebrow on the outer side. Inside, the lines of my arc are great, but since I’ve found it more difficult to grow eyebrow hair on the outer arc, I use my brow pencil to diligently fill that blank space in, while taking care to make sure the line is subtle and natural-looking.


Step 5. Using an angled brush, take concealer to the top and bottom of your brows, lightly outlining them. Use a fluffy brush to blend this in. This cleans up any residue the brow pencil might have left behind or any shaping mistakes you might have made.


Step 6. Comb through your brows once more using the other end of the brow pencil. Comb until the shape is to your liking.


Step 7. Set your ideal shape using the Gimme Brow eyebrow gel. I use light and short, upward strokes to ensure the shape I want stays in tact.


What are your tips for getting the perfect eyebrows? What’s the one product in your eyebrow routine you swear by? Comment below!

Steph Osmanski
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  • Some great tips here for create a good brow. People often underestimate how much a well shaped brow can add definition to your facial structure and really complete a face. It’s all about testing out what works for you – as some people look fantastic with a strong, thick shape, while others need a more delicate brow to suit their face.

    October 4, 2016 at 5:50 pm

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