How to Organize Your Life: 30 Days to Declutter - Steph Osmanski
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How to Organize Your Life: 30 Days to Declutter

How to Organize Your Life: 30 Days to Declutter

This year has been different for me in many ways. One of the changes that has changed my life in 2017 is committing to organization. If you’re looking to garner more control over your apartment, room, or house, and in turn, your life, keeping reading to check out my How To Organize Your Life in 30 Days guide.

Week 1: The Bedroom

Day 1: Wardrobe

Day 2: Drawers

Day 3: Shoes

Day 4: Seasonal clothing

Day 5: Jewelry

Day 6: Underwear drawer/socks

Day 7: Bathing suits

Week 2: The Bathroom

Day 8: Storage

Day 9: Medicine cabinet

Day 10: Linen closets

Day 11: Laundry room

Day 12: Shower

Day 13: Luggage

Day 14: Pet items

Week 3: The Kitchen & Personal

Day 15: Fridge

Day 16: Pantry

Day 17: Cabinets

Day 18: Cleaning supplies

Day 19: Bag and wallet

Day 20: Desk

Day 21: Paperwork

Week 4: Digital Clutter and Miscellaneous

Day 22: Phone

Day 23: Email

Day 24: Desktop computer

Day 25: Media

Day 26: Car

Day 27: Makeup

Day 28: Books

Day 29: Magazines

Day 30: Anything else you need to spruce up

Save or pin this graphic for easy access to your monthly decluttering schedule!


If you take this 30 day challenge, I’d love to see your progress! Share it with me in the comments below or on social media using #DeclutterIn30. Are you finding it easy? Are you finding it difficult? What’s been the hardest thing to purse vs. the easiest? What are your decluttering goals?

Steph Osmanski
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