How to Style a Guest Room - Steph Osmanski
What's the key to styling the perfect guest room? Check out these guest bedroom tips.
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How to Style a Guest Room

How to Style a Guest Room

Styling the perfect guest room is an art. It takes a special hand to create a space that lends itself to your guests, both creatively and physically.


I still remember the first guest room I stayed in that was impactful; it was my first solo trip down to Florida and I spent the week with my great aunt and uncle in Fort Lauderdale. I was 17 years old, had just traveled unchaperoned for the first time ever, and was greeted by the cutest little purple guest room.


There were fresh flowers — a bouquet of lavender — on the bedside table, a newly made bed with sheets smelling of cotton, and a bathroom full of products for me. At the foot of the bed was a folding luggage stand, which was perfect for unpacking my suitcase and organizing my stuff while I settled into the room.


Immediately, I felt at home, not like I was living temporarily in someone else’s space. Previously when I had stayed over peoples’ houses, I was always occupying another’s room that they graciously gave up for me. Staying in a guest room, I quickly realized, was different because it was a lot like a blank slate, a picture-perfect template in which I could infuse my personality for the time during which I stayed there.


It felt inviting, relaxing, and like truly being on vacation. If you’re looking for tips on how to style your guest room, keep reading!


(Photo Credit: Nomao Saeki)

Provide extra pillows.

Everyone has a pillow preference. Some like their pillows mushy, some like them hard, some like two, some like only one. In the interest of catering to everyone’s preferences, supply several extra pillows of varying densities in a closet or trunk.

Outfit the nightstand.

The nightstand is where it’s at. I always remember the Airbnb’s or the guest rooms I’ve stayed in that bestow a magical nightstand full of goodies. Sometimes the nightstand features a bowl for jewelry or a basket full of non-perishable snacks (granola bars! pretzels! a water, oh my!), an emery board, or tissues.

Pack the bathroom with essentials.

The bedroom is pretty straight forward; it’s in the bathroom that a person can really tell whether your guest room skills go from B+ to A+. Is there hand soap? Are there towels? A designated place to put laundry? A new, extra toothbrush? Toothpaste? A newly-opened bar of soap? A few pads or tampons for female guests? These essentials really go the extra mile.

Always incorporate flowers.

It’s a small touch but it makes all the difference. Flowers offer a pleasing aroma, a feeling of being in close proximity to nature, and a welcoming vibe. Providing your guest’s room with flowers shows the thought you put into making their stay as comfortable as possible.

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