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IGTV for businesses

Increase Social Engagement with IGTV

With Instagram’s latest announcement of IGTV, the platform has never been more tailored to businesses and brands. IGTV is Instagram’s video initiative to rival that of YouTube, the video platform where tons of influencers started out making videos and also, making a name for themselves online.

IGTV — which is accessible both via a stand-alone app and on Instagram itself — allows users to upload videos up to an hour long on the photo-sharing platform.

  1. Show your audience how to use your product
  2. Partner with influencers
  3. Get feedback from users through Q&A


Instagram has said on the record that the focus of IGTV is to increase engagement. And because of that goal (or focus), there’s no word yet on whether or not IGTV will eventually transition into using ads as part of its feature.


“Right now we’re focused on building engagement,” Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom said. “But that’s obviously a very reasonable place to end up. There will be a way for creators to make a living.”


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IGTV for businesses

Photo by Miss Zhang on Unsplash

So let’s not focus on ads or making money now. Instead, let’s discuss: how can brands and businesses use IGTV to increase engagement? Take into consideration the three bullet points above and your brand will have a good shot at increasing engagement.


Keep reading to find out more about how brands can use IGTV to increase engagement!

Show your audience how to use your product.

One of the most effective ways to get the word out about your product, get people excited about your product, or to give people a clear understanding of what your product is for is to show people. Demonstrate how to use your product using IGTV.


If your business is a makeup company, show users how to use one of your products by filming an IGTV tutorial. Are you a zero waste brand or blogger? Record a video showing users 10 easy ways they can reduce their waste. Or if you’re in the IT business, record an IGTV video explaining some specific part of tech.


Demonstrating what it is your business can do for consumers (and potential consumers) is the best way to get them excited about and interested in your product and your company.


The Cut posts IGTV episodes like “14 Ways to Apply Mascara” and “How to Take a Plandid.”


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Partner with influencers.

What’s the second best thing to demonstrating your product? Having someone else, someone trusted within a specific community, demonstrate and therefore, endorse your product.


Just like with static photos and videos that live on your Instagram feed, you can partner with influencers to create effective, notable content on IGTV. Hire an influencer to be the face of your product in an episode. If you’re a makeup brand, have a beauty vlogger endorse your lipstick by doing a review on it on your channel. If you’re a zero waste business, partner with a zero waste blogger by having him appear in an episode on your channel to talk about reducing waste at home.

IGTV social engagement

Photo by Linda Xu on Unsplash

Get feedback from users through Q&A.

Instagram as a platform completely lends itself to the question-and-answer format. People love it more than ever, especially because of Instagram’s video component. The visual of a video makes it easier to receive questions, then answer them. So, in a similar way to how vloggers execute the Q&A technique on YouTube, businesses can do the same thing on their IGTV channels.


What most frequently-asked questions do your consumers have? What questions do people who are thinking about buying and using your product ask? Answer these questions in video format, using IGTV, and your business opens up the doors to more engagement andforms a reputation of being interactive with their users and consumers.


What’s your favorite way to use IGTV? Leave a comment below!

This article first appeared on LinkedIn.

Steph Osmanski
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