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Guys, I wasn’t going to admit this on social media or for that matter, anywhere on the Internet, but I did it. I cancelled my subscription to Ipsy. Ahhh, don’t hate me! Don’t stick me in a pillory in the town square while furious townsfolk throw tomatoes and publicly ridicule me.

why-i-cancelled-my-ipsy-subscriptionI’ve literally spent the past year and a half talking up this makeup subscription to every human being I’ve come across. (Seriously, Ipsy, where’s my commission check? Do you know how many subscribers my highly-coveted recommendation has gotten you? You’re freaking welcome.)

That’s why it might come as a shock that I’ve decided to, in Sorority speak (because let’s face it, it kinda sorta feels a little Greek life-esque), disaffiliate.

But hear me out, okay? It just wasn’t doing it for me anymore. Like how people get bored or stuck in a rutted relationship, I felt stifled by my subscription. In no way do I think that Ipsy (at a mere $10 a month) is expensive, but I started to feel like it was money I could spend (or imagine this: save!) elsewhere. That mid-month excitement dissipated.

Additionally, my years of subscribing have left me with a crazy overlay of makeup. Seriously, I could open up my very own makeup-themed Overstock.com. I’m certainly not complaining about this because if anything, it validates that a subscription is totally worth it! Look how many products you get! Look how long they last you!

But I signed up at a time in my life when I really needed something to look forward to each month. I had just left my parents’ house, moved to a new state, and knew virtually no one around me. I was also starting to become fascinated with YouTubers and beauty as a hobby. Now, I feel like Ipsy has taught me well and like an outgrown subscriber to a teen magazine, I can leave happily and with more knowledge.

Thank you, Ipsy for everything you’ve given me in the past few years. I truly appreciate every bit of product you’ve ever brought me. And to those of you who are considering a subscription (do it!) or still subscribed (stay subscribed!), don’t pull out just because I did. Unless you feel you’ve outgrown the service, stay in the Ipsy community because it really is a great one to be a part of. Namaste, Ipsy.

Steph Osmanski
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