Decorating a Minimalist Kitchen - Steph Osmanski
Looking for some minimalistic inspiration for your kitchen? Check out these three decor tips on how to decorate a kitchen while keeping that minimalist-esque look.
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Decorating a Minimalist Kitchen

My absolute favorite part of moving into my own space is having a kitchen again. The bedroom and living room are crucial parts of an apartment, of course — because you spend the most time there — but the kitchen is my favorite space to decorate and be immersed in. So much of your life happens in the kitchen. It’s where you eat, where you drink, where you entertain the people who visit you. Because of this, how it’s decorated is essential to setting the ambiance.


Because I’ve been dedicating most of my time as of late to figuring out what goes where in my new kitchen, it felt like the perfect time to address kitchen decor on the blog. In general, I tend to skew on the minimalist side when it comes to decorating; I like a lot of white, natural lighting, splashes of color in the way of plants, and lots of counter space. Apart from being strategic about what goes where, I’ve also cultivated a few tips and tricks for how to best adhere to minimalist decor.


Keep reading to find out more of my kitchen decor tips!


Photo by huyen. on Unsplash

Use glass jars.

I really love the quality of using glass jars to display things like cutlery and foods like pasta and rice because it opens up a generally white space with a pop of color. The kitchen is also an intentional place so everything displayed on the counters or island should be purposeful. Glass jars are great because you’re showing off that intention — not only are these glass jars pretty but they’re also useful in that they house our food! 

Plants equal decor.

Plants are the new black! When I was younger, plants weren’t really considered a way to decorate. They were categorized as more of a living thing you had to take care of, so plants were never a show point in our home. They were hidden away, close to the bay windows rather than displayed on a shelf or on the kitchen island. Personally, I like the idea of using a plant as a centerpiece or to break up the monotony of granite. It also adds a great amount of vibrancy and life to a room!

Display your fruit.

It’s a point of debate — whether or not the fruit should be displayed out in the open. Some may say that it needs to be refrigerated in order to avoid a fruit fly infestation but others enjoy displaying fruit out in the open. I personally keep a batch of bananas on my counters but have found that lemons go badly quickly if left out. Since I prefer to have lemons sitting in a bowl on the table, I’ve opted for fake lemons (that actually smell like citrus!) from Home Goods. It’s an awesome option for those looking for the vibrant yellow that lemons bring to the kitchen (not to mention the delicious smell).


Steph Osmanski
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