How to Make Your Own Cashew Milk Recipe | Steph Osmanski
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how to make cashew milk at home

5 Steps to Make Your Own Cashew Milk

Ever wondered how to make cashew milk? It’s not as hard as it sounds. In fact, once you get over the hump of making your first nut or seed milk at home, it all becomes much easier. Making cashew milk at home is a lot like making your own almond milk. However, the benefits of making cashew milk are that raw cashews are usually a smidgen cheaper than raw almonds and they’re also likely creamier.


Cashew milk is a great, creamy option for anyone with sensitivities to soy, almonds, and lactose. Additionally, it’s better not to rely on one specific kind of nut or seed milk. Instead, it’s more beneficial for our immune systems if we’re constantly switching things up. Are you wondering why? It’s to ensure that you don’t develop any kind of allergy or intolerance to one specific kind of nut or seed.


Nut allergies are huge so when it comes to milk, you need to be perpetually switching things up. Because of this, you might want to check out how to make your own almond milk recipe, too. For more on cashew recipes at home, keep reading!

DIY cashew milk recipe

(Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash)


  • 1 cup raw cashews
  • 3 cups water
  • maple syrup (to taste)
  • 2 dates (optional)

What You’ll Need

  • nut bag (like the one here)
  • strainer
  • blender
  • mixing bowl

How to Make Your Own Cashew Milk

1. Add 1 cup of cashews (raw and unsalted) into a mason jar and fill the rest of the jar with water. Let the cashews soak in the water (in the fridge) for at least two hours. You can leave them in overnight but you don’t have to.


2. Drain the water from the mason jar and discard it. Rinse the cashews. Add the freshly-rinsed cashews and 3-4 cups of water in a blender (depending on how creamy you want it), blending the mixture for about two minutes. Blend until there are no more visible chunks of nuts.


3. Strain the cashew-water mixture into a bowl using a reusable, sustainable nut bag. Place a strainer over a mixing bowl, then line the strainer with the fine-mesh nut bag.


4. Twist the nut bag tightly and “milk” it, kind of as you would a cow. The milk will separate from the meal as you twist it and will catch through the strainer and into the mixing bowl below.


5. Sweeten to taste with maple syrup and store in the fridge! The DIY cashew milk should last for about three to four days in the refrigerator.


What’s your favorite kind of milk to make at home? Comment below!

Steph Osmanski
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