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3 Benefits of Manuka Honey

benefits uses manuka honey

3 Benefits of Manuka Honey

This just in: You can heal yourself with honey. Manuka honey is a specific kind of honey hailed for its healing, antibacterial properties going back thousands of years. It has been a part of New Zealand’s indigenous cultures for decades thanks to its many uses which include dressing wounds, enhancing the digestive tract, and healing almost any type of infection, cut, or bite.


A huge part of self-care of course is healing your body — paying attention to what the body needs and giving it that extra care it craves, needs, and deserves. I recently delved into manuka honey and its antibacterial and healing properties on accident. I suffered from an annoying (and yet unavoidable injury) which left me with several big lacerations on each of my legs.


Initially, I went the wellness method I was always taught growing up: Bacitracin. I had every intention of slathering Bacitracin all over my lacerations, then covering each wound with a bandage. Only, I didn’t have any bandages left. So I headed to CVS where instead of regular bandages that could be paired with Bacitracin, I found CVS brand bandages infused with manuka honey.


Cue my obsession with this miraculous honey. Prior to this discovery, I didn’t use honey much. Rarely do I use it in cooking or baking. (I’m more of a maple syrup gal as I’m mostly vegan.) But from time to time, I used honey in my at-home cashew milk recipe and at-home almond milk recipe.


Now, I’m a total manuka honey convert. Mostly, I use it topically for healing various parts of my body. (Like the lacerations for example, which are still not yet completely healed; it’s only been three or four days since the injury occurred and according to the bandage packaging, you can leave each one on for up to seven days.)


Best believe I’m milking these manuka honey bandages for all they’re worth.



manuka honey

Photo by Miki Kitazawa on Unsplash


Manuka honey can be used to dress wounds.


Apply it topically to heal bites, infections, or cuts.


Ingest it orally to enhance digestion and soothe the throat.


Have you tried manuka honey before? Share your experience below!

Steph Osmanski
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