My Cozy Fall Essentials - Steph Osmanski
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My Cozy Fall Essentials

My Cozy Fall Essentials

Autumn’s presence is undeniable; the leaves are changing, scarves are making their first appearances, and it’s that time of year when I list my cozy fall essentials.


I like the idea of going against the beauty grain in fall; dying my hair lighter and blonder but maintaining an autumn-esque feel with the way I apply makeup. For the lips, I’m loving Nori by Bite; it’s a brownish, deep red color that pairs well with my mostly neutral wardrobe. For the eyes, I love the Naked palette year round and in the fall, I tend to stick toward the right side of the palette. Combining Toasted, which is a warm maroon shade, with the darker, shimmery brown of Hustle makes for a gorgeous smoky eye perfect for fall days.


Fall is all about keeping things minimal with warm textures and classic lines. My faux leather jacket from Zara ($69.99 online) has zipper detailing that spices up any basic outfit and immediately turns jeans and a crisp white tee into a Happy Hour-worthy ensemble. Pairing my jacket with my favorite checkered blanket scarf from Aerie (no longer available online, unfortunately) gives it a more October feel and also keeps me warm during afternoon walks through the crisp air.


Autumn is the time to go on a crazy shopping spree in Bath & Body Works. (But then again, when isn’t the time to go nuts-o in B&BW?!) I’m obsessed with the Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin body scrub ($16.50 online), which I exfoliate with in the shower. Once I get out of the shower, I slather my skin in Salted Caramel Pumpkin lotion (available on eBay), which is loaded with shea butter and vitamin e and helps moisturize my skin as the temperature cools down and threatens to crack it. Champagne Apple & Honey body spray ($14 online) finishes off the routine and it smells AMAZING — just like your quintessential fall day spent in the park, eating apple pie.


Arguably the best part about fall is the NOMS! While I understand America’s fascination with overpriced, fall-flavored drinks from Starbucks and other coffee chains, I’m just as happy to make my own version at home. I’ve made it a habit to pick up several Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea Latte mixes in bulk. Just add some almond milk and you’ve got yourself a delicious, DIY latte. Since I’m cut back on my consumption of gelatin (due to being vegetarian), I no longer eat marshmallows unless they are gelatin-free. Dandies is a great all-natural marshmallow option and they just came out with a pumpkin flavor! Sprinkling a few of these marshmallows on top of my pumpkin spice chai is my favorite way to start my morning.



It took me a long time to sift through Bath and Body Works’ candle options, as there were so many delicious-smelling ones in store. Once I stumbled upon this Pumpkin Woods candle though, it was the clear winner and I  had to take it home with me. I’ve been burning it in my room ever since. It transforms the space into an outdoor paradise. It smells like there’s a fire burning and some cinnamon and vanilla stemming on the stove. It also has three wicks, which makes for more all-around better burning.

What are your fall essentials? Comment below! 


Steph Osmanski
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