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My Holiday Highlights

My Holiday Highlights

Long gone are the Christmases when my sister and I gallivanted down the stairs to a mountain (or two) of gifts. Now, with me in my twenties and my sister in her thirties, gift-giving in our family has changed. Our presents are now few and usually more meaningful and purposeful. (Let’s just say Christmas currency is basically Trader Joe’s gift cards. Everybody has to eat, am I right?!) Here are a few of my holiday highlights:

10860043_1560927514120518_642566030_nOkay, so I specifically said I didn’t want anything like this — trinkets and signs and whatnot — for Christmas because I’m very wary of clutter (and I’m desperately trying not to turn my apartment into the clutter-addled dwelling my parents’ house is). But I.JUST.CANT.WITH.THIS. “I’m silently correcting your grammar.” It’s not only accurate, but it’s humorous, too. Is it not perfection? I’m not exactly sure where my mom picked this up but you can find loads of stuff with this saying on it here.


My sister has been trying to convert me to one of those Himalayan-Salt-Lamp-loving people for over a year now and she finally took matters into her own hands by, well, buying me one. Basically, I didn’t have a say. But you know what? I’m kind of in love with this thing. It emits a gorgeous, orange glow and it provides a lot of great benefits to the air and overall, one’s environment. If you don’t know about the benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps, read all about them here.

m_52573808da767721480005bcI’m probably the only college graduate in history who spent four years at Quinnipiac University as a non-owner of Hunter rainboots, then got a pair post-QU. It’s an illogical equation and it just doesn’t make sense. Nevertheless, my Bachelor’s Degree hangs on my wall, my newly acquired pair of Hunters perched right underneath. Whatever. It’s not like I can turn back time and buy a pair freshman year, can I? Poshmark has tons of great Hunters (and even better prices) here.


As you can see, things are kept rather simple during the holidays nowadays. If I’m being honest, I rather prefer it. I’d much rather be gifted a few things that I really wanted or genuinely like as opposed to dozens of meaningless presents that’ll be discarded within a few measly months. (Although, my mother did manage to throw in a few pathetic magnets and bookmarks into my stocking. She can’t help herself.)

I’d love to know: What was your favorite gift you received or gave this year? Leave a comment below! 


Steph Osmanski
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