My Laundry Routine - Steph Osmanski
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My Laundry Routine

My Laundry Routine


Maybe you’re thinking laundry is boring. Maybe you’re thinking this is the most dull blog post ever. Maybe, maybe, maybe. But I’m here to tell you that with the help of my older sister, we have uncovered the secret of fresh-smelling, soft and supple, right-out-the-dryer laundry. Trust me when I say, you will thank me later.

Step 1. Tide Pods: All you need to do is throw one of these inside the washing machine before loading it up with your clothes.

Step 2: Snuggle Fabric Softener: The Ultra Fabric Softener (Blue Sparkle) really leaves my clothes feeling soft and wearable, especially when they’re still hot from the drying machine.

Step 3: Lavender Dryer Bags: These dryer bags from Trader Joe’s will change your laundry game. Literally for weeks afterwards, they leave my clothes smelling amazing.

Now, I’ve used each of these laundry products on their own, but it doesn’t have the same effect. I tried switching up my laundry detergent but nothing gets it done like the pods.

What are your favorite laundry products? Share in the comments! 


Steph Osmanski
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