Steph Osmanski | #OOTD: Keepin’ It Casual
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#OOTD: Keepin’ It Casual

#OOTD: Keepin’ It Casual

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I’ve come along way from my earlier, experimental days with fashion. Lately, I’m all about utility, function, and comfort. I want to wear outfits that are versatile: they can work in both the office and outside of it. They make sense on the weekdays and the weekends. When shopping for new pieces, I look for three key elements: it’s a basic, it’s versatile, and it’s comfy.

One of my favorite go-to outfits is a strong black boot (mine are from Zara), paired with my brown fedora-esque Anthropologie hat, a plain gray (or white) tee, black blazer, and light-wash jeans.

I would feel totally comfortable wearing this to the office, but I also wore a similar outfit on a day when I worked from home out of a local coffee shop. I could wear this on the weekend when all I’m planning to do is meet a girlfriend at the Angelika Film Center in SoHo or if I’m planning to re-read the entire Harry Potter series on my living room couch.

When I began this blog, I had a series called “Intern Style” (because at the time, I was an intern). In the interest of exploring how my style has changed since the conception of this site (’09, I believe?), I’m going to be reviving the series.

What’s your go-to, never-fails #OOTD? Describe it below! 

Steph Osmanski
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  • Can I just say how disappointed I am that you use the Oxford Comma 🙁

    February 17, 2016 at 8:02 pm

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