Steph Osmanski | Personal Update
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Personal Update

Personal Update

I originally started this blog to keep myself writing entertainment, fashion, and celebrity pieces. As a college student, I knew it was important to practice so that I was on top of my writing game. I wanted to not only prepare myself for “the real word” as an entertainment journalist, but to also establish my social media presence.

Recently, I accepted a full-time job and although I was delusional for the first two weeks, I’m slowly beginning to realize that blogging full-time isn’t going to be possible. Not only is it not probable, but it’s also not necessary, as I now write the kinds of posts I used to write here for a real magazine.

Already, I see this blog starting to change. And I have to say, I’m okay with that. I’ve always had many different kinds of goals and as I achieve some of these endeavors, I believe that it’ll open doors for other ones.

I’ve always been really passionate about helping young women. As hectic as my full-time schedule is, I would like to take this opportunity to become the voice for young girls who are dreaming about breaking into this industry. Oftentimes, while I was an intern at Seventeen, and even still, I receive e-mails asking me to look over girls’ résumés or enlighten them with career and internship advice.

I can feel the purpose of this blog changing, but don’t worry my few loyal followers, it’s not going anywhere! It’s just evolving. I have a lot of things to say that I think it is important for young professionals to hear. I’ve been where you’ve been and I want to tell you how you can get where I am and even beyond that. I hope you’ll stick around and continue reading my pieces.

Steph Osmanski
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