Review: The Wing, SoHo - Steph Osmanski
The Wing, Soho, is a women's only co-working space that hosts events, offers free organic pads in its bathroom, and features a locker room and glam room for its members. Take a tour of the wing and find out more about the space from a member herself.
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Review: The Wing, SoHo

What is The Wing? Unless you live under a rock sealed shut with iron-clad doors (or you know, live nowhere near New York or Washington D.C.), you’ve likely heard of the superstar women’s-only co-working space sweeping headlines everywhere. Lauren Kassan and Audrey Gelman co-created The Wing, which they describe as a home-base co-working community for women for women on their way.


The first Wing premiered its flagship location in the Flatiron District in 2016. Since then, the concept has nothing short of exploded. The SoHo location debuted in 2017 and Brooklyn and Washington D.C. are both TK in 2018. With so much happening in such a small amount of time, it’s pretty safe to say that Audrey and Lauren’s idea is kinda sorta taking over the world. The Wing not only offers a space for women who are en route, too early to work, running late for a meeting, or who simply prefer to live that #freelancerlife (not to mention its many amenities), but it also hosts thoughtful events with women in mind. There are book clubs to join, lectures to attend, and speed-dating-esque networking events for women to meet other badass women in (or not in) their own fields. And so much more.


I first fell in love with everything The Wing was doing back in 2016. A friend of mine became a member at the Flatiron location and after seeing all of her dreamlike Instagram pictures of the space, I finally visited and tried it out for myself. Over a year later when The Wing announced its SoHo location was on its way, I signed up pronto. I have been a member since its opening and I’m here to tell you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the popular co-working space. Is it really worth it? What do you get out of it? Should I join? Plus more important questions —  ANSWERED!


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What amenities does The Wing, SoHo have?

The Wing’s SoHo location has more amenities than other. Still stocked with the traditional amenities we saw in the original Flatiron location — a glam room full of makeup, hair products, and everything else under the sun you might need (deodorant, tooth picks, ear cleaners, a hair dryer) and a lactation room for nursing mamas, SoHo also has a few new things up its sleeves.


For one, there’s a Quiet Room, which might just be my favorite room of all. It’s a tiny nook of a room featuring a fabulous velvet chaise where exhausted women can nap if they need. You’ll also find a basket full of blankets — only the softest, from West Elm — and a small nightstand.


The Wing’s signature phone booths weren’t lost in the kerfuffle of construction. This time around there are more, each one, of course, named for a strong famous woman. (Hermione Granger is my fave, naturally. That’s where I take all of my important calls.)

Now, it wouldn’t be a Wing review without mentioning the library. It is literally the library of your dreams — the one that Beast gives to Belle in Beauty and the Beast except all of the books are arranged color-coordinated and are written by women. Because let’s be honest. Women supporting women is the Wing way to go.


Another exceptional feature that I feel like most reviews skim over is the technological help The Wing offers. No, I don’t mean techies driving around in Geek vehicles. There are headphones — like, the nice ones with quality sound — perched on various shelves all across The Wing. They are open to anyone to use. Even if you forget your jack-less Apple buds, you can still watch YouTube, listen to Spotify, or edit whatever film footage you need to edit in peace. Another tech thing that The Wing offers is charging stations. The whole point of The Wing came from the idea that women need a place to stop while they’re on the go, right? A huge part of that is making sure your phone isn’t dead while changing Subways six times to get to a meeting Downtown. Check out any of the several charging stations before you leave and you won’t have to worry about your phone crapping out on you.


SoHo also expanded its foray into serving food. Whereas the Flatiron features a small in-the-corner cafe, an entire room full of seating is dedicated to The Wing’s The Perch. Their menu includes various crudité, an array of tostadas, and cookies emblazoned with frosted W’s.

Is there a bar at The Wing?

Yes, there is a bar. Not too long ago, Wing SoHo procured its liquor license so now we can drink and be merry while we free write and file our taxes from the fifth floor of 52 Mercer. New to the Wing bar, which usually has rosé and other delicious, alcoholic beverages, is the slushie machine. The last week I was there, the slushie machine featured a frozen twist on the ever-popular Moscow Mule. While chatting with one of the women behind the bar, she told me that something along the lines of frosé was in the works!

in my element @the.wing ✨💜 #alltheleatherjackets

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What do you use The Wing for?

I am a freelance writer and digital strategist who works from home. Sometimes I just need to get out of the house, so I’ll spend the day at the SoHo Wing, banging out articles, writing for brands, and scheduling social media posts. I’m also a full-time student, looking to get my MFA — that’s a master in fine arts if you don’t know what that is because literally no one knows what it is — in Creative Writing. Similar scenario: I’ll go to The Wing to get my homework done or if I’ll feel super prolific, I’ll free write. I’m currently writing my memoir but primarily, I am a fiction writer/nonfiction essayist.


What kinds of events does The Wing offer?

Um… the best kind! The Wing is scheduled to the brim each month with an amazing array of events that touch so many different interests. Events can range from celebrity guests, lectures, film premieres, book clubs, networking events, and more. Last month, I went to a clothing swap where I scored an epic black puffer jacket from Mango. At the end of February, I’m learning how to needlepoint and my ultimate goal is to be able to do this.



No matter what your interests are — from coding to clothing to learning about fertility to sexuality — I promise you The Wing’s calendar will have content that appeals to you. Cross my heart and hope to die. XoX, Gossip Girl.

Want more Wing in your life? Check out their merch store!

Steph Osmanski
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