Steph Osmanski | Shopping Haul: I Bought Out Madewell
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Shopping Haul: I Bought Out Madewell

Shopping Haul: I Bought Out Madewell


Don’t you dare venture to the SoHo Madewell on Broome and Broadway. Not if you want any brown¬†leather accessories, that is.

I bought out the whole damn store. ūüėČ

While everyone’s perception of a “haul” is different, I’m considering this four-product sale just that. I have no idea if this is a lot or a ridiculously little amount. I’m not here to judge how much cash you drop when you walk into a store and I expect the same courtesy with this post. To each his own! Now, let’s celebrate all these delicious accessories, shall we?

My style eye was only craving english saddle brown and gold today. I love the classic, chicness of each. I foresee myself getting a lot of use out of each of these purchases, as they virtually compliment any outfit.

The first thing I fell in love with when I walked in was this Transport Tote. My eyeballs saw it and that was it. It was over. My “Not going to buy anything, I’m here to window shop” mindset completely dissolved.¬†I had to have it.¬†This tote is a great size for commuting from Hoboken to New York every day. It’s not bulky, so it won’t hinder me on the train. (My current work bag slams everyone awake during my morning commute.)

I love the classic look and how¬†I can fit anything in it. If I prepare my lunch the night before, I can easily fit a tupperware in there and have some room to spare. Or if I pick up sunflowers at the Delite Market on my walk¬†home, I don’t have to carry the paper-wrapped bouquet in my arms.

After my love affair with the tote, my eyes fell on¬†the shelf on which this tote’s sister lived: the most gorgeous wallet I ever did see.¬†The Post Wallet¬†is chic and small but fits all my essentials. It’s spacious enough for my many rewards¬†cards, but it’s not as hulking as my last wallet.

My wallet mentality for the past several years has always been this: buy inexpensively. A wallet’s nowhere near as important as a bag. Nobody really¬†sees your wallet. Not in the overt way in which¬†you hang a purse over your shoulder.¬†Nobody really cares what a wallet looks like.

But I exterminated that mentality today and I’ll tell you why: You know that saying, “You’re either sleeping in your bed or walking in your shoes, so you might as well put money into both”? I kind of feel that way about a wallet, too. Why replace it every year because it’s poorly¬†made when you could invest in a durable one that lasts?

For obvious reasons, you can’t buy the english saddle¬†tote and matching wallet and settle for the free pity iPhone case Verizon sent you. You have to go all in and purchase the Leather Card Case for iPhone 6, too.

We need to talk about these gold studs. Like, look at those earrings though. Tell me these Arrowback Double-Sided Earrings are not the most amazing pair of ear jewelry you have ever seen. You insert the triangular part traditionally, but the backing is the piece that harbors the chandelier arrow detail. I must where them everywhere!

Are you as obsessed with Madewell as I am? Well, then good, I’m not alone. Share your favorite pieces from Madewell in the comments below!



Steph Osmanski

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