Tips for a Thriving Succulent Garden - Steph Osmanski
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Tips for a Thriving Succulent Garden

Tips for a Thriving Succulent Garden

I have whatever is the opposite of a green thumb. In fact, I’m genuinely gifted at destroying plants.

Herbs I’ve yet to conquer but succulents, I can do. The good news is: You can do them too. I compiled these tips for maintaining a thriving succulent garden in the hopes that I can help someone out there who feels as hopeless as I used to when it came to gardening. (Amendment: I’m super passionate about gardening, but hopelessly resigned when it comes to execution.) I’ve done a bit of Internet research regarding what’s supposedly the easiest-to-grow, low-maintenance plants available.

Succulent Tips:

1. Succulents require a lot of sunlight.

This is a vital point because many people hear about how “low maintenance” succulents are and automatically assume they can grow wherever. Your succulent will not thrive on your work desk if your office space is devoid of windows. It can’t grow in your locker, either. Succulents are from normally dry and sun-filled conditions, so perching near a bright window sill with lots of sun exposure is your best bet.

2. There is such a thing as overwatering.

Seriously. Overwatering does not cancel out forgetting to water. Avoid both.

3. Feed your plants.

I rolled my eyes at this one too but apparently, this tip has merit. Plants truly need “food” to grow, not just water. Investing in some nutrients will automatically step up your succulent-growing game.

Are you a successful succulent grower? Comment your tips below!

Steph Osmanski
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