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It’s Time to Up Your Smoothie Game

Are you getting what you actually need from your smoothie? Let me rephrase: Is your body getting what it actually needs from your smoothie?   Though smoothies and acai bowls have seen a recent resurgence as of late, I sometimes wonder if your typical fruit smoothie is enough. That's why...

This Week’s Pinterest Highlights

The gorgeous weather spilled over into this week and my internal clock is officially convinced it's summer. There have been fresh flowers adorning the kitchen island, lots of late-night reading sessions in the back garden patio, and more cooking than usual. I attribute the improved weather...

This Week’s Pinterest Highlights

Home Decor I've been on the hunt for a light-up, battery-powered hashtag sign for a couple of weeks now. This one pictured below is over $200 and while it's exactly what I was looking for, I found a more inexpensive version at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for...