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What to Do During the Winter

Real talk: When it's less than 30° outside, there isn't all that much to do. Especially this past winter, temperatures have been absolutely freezing (I mean, Disney World's water parks literally shut down because of the temps) and it has undeniably put a damper on...

How to Practice Gratitude

Practicing gratitude makes us healthier and happier people. (It also makes us sleep better!)   The University of Texas Health Science Center reports that, "a growing body of research shows that gratitude is truly amazing in physical and psychosocial benefits." Such benefits include exercising more often, establishing...

This Week’s Pinterest Highlights

I would probably describe myself with the same adjectives as I would have when I was a teenager. But now, I embody them in different ways. It's shocking how much people can change internally without even noticing. I hadn't even realized how different I look, act, and feel...