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If you live in Hoboken, then you know the unspoken coffee shop rule: BWÉ is the way. That's why episode three of the Work From Home Coffee Tour is all about the Bokes' favorite local spot, located on 11th and Washington. [gallery columns="2" size="full" ids="3817,3818"] Bwe Cafe...

#WFHCoffeeTour: Chalait, Ep. 2

Guess who's back? Back again. It's the #WFHCoffeeTour and we're here again with episode two. This week's choice spot? Chalait. This time around, I found myself sitting in the heart of the West Village, sipping a green matcha tea latte and eating an amazing sandwich consisting of...

Hoboken, NJ: A 6-Month Review

August marked my sixth month since making the permanent move to Hoboken. Seeing as I've wanted to find an apartment in Hoboken since I first moved to New Jersey back in 2013, I think the six-month anniversary is the perfect time to evaluate: Has the...