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How to Find Your Style

I never had style, especially growing up. I constantly misinterpreted "style" and "fashion" as synonymous but I learned as I grew older that they weren't. A sense of fashion is easy -- anyone can acquire it. All it entails is keeping up with the latest...

#OOTD: Keepin’ It Casual

I've come along way from my earlier, experimental days with fashion. Lately, I'm all about utility, function, and comfort. I want to wear outfits that are versatile: they can work in both the office and outside of it. They make sense on the weekdays and...

Avoid Dealing With Outfit Regret

Yikes! We've all been there whether it's the fault of 7 am morning brain or it was virtually impossible to locate any two pieces of clothing that were both clean and presentable. Sometimes we all make fashion faux-pas. (Hey, we can't all be Olivia Palermo.)...