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How to Be More Confident

Confidence is a tricky one. I think even when we're not feeling confident, we sometimes try to bolster ourselves, dupe ourselves, and pretend we are. I'm guilty of this, especially during the most formative years, like middle school and high school. I would tromp around, wearing...

How to Build a Better Bath

Bath time is my favorite kind of self-care. It's solely dedicated to taking care of me, winding down from the stress of the day, and relaxing. What's better than that (besides maybe a glass of rose)? From bath bombs to self-made scrubs, to burning a candle...

30 Ways to Self-Care

Empathy: I have a whole lot of it but at times, it can be both my strength and downfall. The caveat to being an empathic person is that we can get bogged down with the feelings of other people, to the point of ignoring our own feelings...