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This Week’s Pinterest Highlights

This Week’s Pinterest Highlights



I’ve been less preoccupied with the idea of summer and more preoccupied with what makes me me. Call me dramatic if you want, but I’m currently reading Man’s Quest for Meaning by Viktor Frankl and it is difficult to take in without getting emotional or philosophical. Inherently, it makes you question who you are, what you are doing, and what your purpose is. With that being said, I tried to highlight things this week that aren’t curated with a theme in mind. I curated them because it felt like me.

First thing’s first The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. You have to read it. You must, you must, you must! And when you begin reading it and you think it’s boring and plain and this was a lackluster recommendation, you must continue reading it all the way until the middle and then all the way until the end because you deserve to have your mind completely blown.

This outfit is brought to you by with gorgeous pieces from PiperLime, Hive & Honey, and Joie. When I look up style and fashion on Pinterest, this is how I envision I dress. Since I don’t own a brown leather bag like that, nor the camo green vest, nor the striped black and white sheath (nor the long, blond curls), I imagine there’s a disconnect between what my style is in my head and what it actually looks like on my body. But even so, I’m definitely on the hunt for a vest and a dress like this, so who knows? Maybe soon, the two fashion versions of myself will collide.

I’ve been on a strawberry kick lately and have been trying to find new ways to come up with delicious strawberry-themed desserts. This Oreo Crunch Parfait uniquely combines Cool Whip, Oreos, and strawberries for the perfect nighttime snack.

Lately, the only shoes I want to wear are my Steve Madden shoes that I wrote about here and unfortunately, those require special socks. And I finally found them! I believe it was a YouTuber who suggested and linked to these Muji socks that are practically invisible when wearing them with an open shoe.

You probably have so many apps on your phone by this point that on a daily basis, Siri is yelling at you, threatening that your Storage Is Almost Full. (Shut up, Siri! My storage isn’t full until I say that it’s full.) BUT I’m going to go ahead and leave you with another amazing app anyway. It’s called Swarm and it was referred to me be a colleague. Swarm is basically the sister of Foursquare. I love using it in New York City because if I’m walking by a restaurant that I’d like to try in an unfamiliar area, I can Swarm it — or “check in” — and then it’s saved there in my profile. When I come back to that area, I can easily pull up information on it and try it out. Also, when you check in, tips from users who have been there previously come up. “Definitely get the lobster roll.” “Don’t leave this place without ordering a hibiscus donut.” Etc. It’s not only great for remembering the names of places you want to visit, but also remembering places you’ve already been. When I tried out the bwe cafe in Hoboken last week, I checked in on Swarm and made sure to make a note, “The chai latte is soooo good,” that way when I return, I’ll remember what I ordered and if it was good or not.

What were some of your favorite things this week? Comment below!

Steph Osmanski
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