Steph Osmanski | Three Must-Watch Ted Talks
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Three Must-Watch Ted Talks

Three Must-Watch Ted Talks

3-must-watch-ted-talksMaybe a post like this feels like it’s coming out of left-field for you but in my experience, many of the young, motivated women I’m close to have as much a passion for their careers as they do for the things they have made their careers about. Every so often we can all use some inspiring, which is why I love to listen to Ted Talks while I’m working, writing, or most especially, if I’m feeling creatively stunted. Here are three of my all-time favorites.

Elizabeth Gilbert: Your Elusive, Creative Genius

Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of the famous book-turned-movie-starring-Julia-Roberts-and-James-Franco Eat, Pray, Love totally rocked it when she gave this Ted Talk about what it is that makes people creative but more importantly, what it is that motivates them to be creative. Are we actual geniuses or do we have a metaphysical genius inside of us that sometimes is more active than others?

[ted id=453]

Elizabeth Gilbert: Success, Failure, and the Drive to Keep Creating

Let me stop you right here. Yeah, so what? I included two Elizabeth Gilbert Ted Talks and that’s because they’re both freaking good ones. Liz returned to the Ted stage to totally challenge everything everyone has ever thought about failure and overcoming the fear of failure to only fail and accept it anyway. This hits close to home. (Holla at my writers!)

[ted id=1983]

Nancy Lublin: Texting That Save Lives

This might seem a little bit different than the other two aforementioned talks because it has a bit less of a motivational tone. But it’s equally important. This talk really got me thinking about how many people out in the world need help. Could you be one of those people? That’s the question I asked myself once I finished watching it.

[ted id=1430]

I want to know: Do you have any go-to Ted Talks you consider your favorites? Comment below!

Steph Osmanski
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