Turn Your Bedroom into a Calm, Inviting Space - Steph Osmanski
Tips for how to turn your bedroom into a calm, inviting space — an environment where you can sleep.
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Turn Your Bedroom into a Calm, Inviting Space

Turn Your Bedroom into a Calm, Inviting Space

The key to a peaceful night’s sleep is turning your bedroom into a sleep-only environment, a haven of calmness and serenity, an environment conducive to catching some meaningful shut-eye. But how exactly do you do that? There’s tons of literature splattered all over the Internet, claiming how to sleep better, but is it really worth the hype?


Your bedroom is your safe space, a place where you can wind down and relax. It shouldn’t be a space that your mind associates with work, stress, or other negative emotions. The bedroom should mean two things: sex and sleep. In order to do that, you’re going to have to turn your bedroom into a calm, inviting space. How do you do that? Keep reading.

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Light candles or incense.

Smell is a highly underestimated sense. Lighting a candle or some tranquil-smelling incense will set the mood in your room to a calming one, rewiring your brain to associate your bedroom with serenity. Stick to scents like lavender, chamomile, and bergamot, as these are scientifically proven to promote sleep.

Put everything in its place.

I can’t sleep in a disorganized room. If I have laundry that needs to be put away, I literally cannot leave it until morning because I will think about it all night. Make sure that everything is organized and in its place before you lay down to rest at night. Assuring that everything has a corresponding place will ease your mind and teach it not to associate your room with disarray and the stress of cleaning up.

Nix the desk.

No desk. No laptop. No work zone. Your room is for sexy time and slumber. That’s it. And whatever you do, don’t peruse your laptop while laying in bed. It sends your brain mixed signals about what your bed is for.

Make it a tech-free zone.

Keeping in line with the above tip, your bedroom should be a totally digital-free zone. Turn off your phone, tablet, anything digital with a screen. Only make allowances for devices that play calming music.

Limit lighting.

A bedroom should be full of natural light in the daytime to promote energy and happiness, but at night, limit the lighting. Invest in quality blinds or super dark curtains that allow you to control how much light escapes. The darker the room at night, the better you will sleep. The lighter the room during the day, the more energy you’re likely to have.

Get jersey cotton sheets.

No, seriously. Ever since I started sleeping on jersey cotton sheets (from Target), I can’t tolerate any other kinds of sheets. They are so soft and comfortable, that it’s impossible for your brain not to associate them with sleepy time.

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