Steph Osmanski | Unboxing Rocksbox + Why You Should!
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Unboxing Rocksbox + Why You Should!

Unboxing Rocksbox + Why You Should!

Hey, whatsup, hello. So I’m here today to tell you about Rockbox, AKA my new obsession that is for all intents and purposes is like Netflix but for jewelry. For just $19 a month, you can peruse all of Rockbox’s available jewelry and choose an unlimited amount of pieces to “rent.” It’s also customized, sort of the way Ipsy does things, by providing you with a short style survey in which you answer questions about the types of jewelry you prefer. Based on this survey, Rocksbox curates a customized wishlist for you, which you can browse and choose your items from.

After signing up, taking my survey, and requesting the pieces I liked the most from my wishlist, this adorable little box showed up at my house shortly after. Not only is the package amazingly chic and cute, but the note inside was customized to me, which made the experience all the more personalized and enjoyable.

Here’s how it works: I got sent three hand-picked pieces. These pieces come on a loan or if you super fall in love with any of the pieces, you can buy it (of course, at a discounted rate).  Not to mention, each additional month you’re subscribed, you’re gifted $10 toward a purchase. Not bad, eh?

So when you’re finished wearing your items (and obviously you’d prefer to return them rather than buy) all you do is send them back in the packaging they arrived in. (The package comes in a prepaid envelope that you should save and use to return your jewelry in.) Once you send it back, rate the items online, and a few days later, you’ll have another box waiting at your doorstep with more hand-picked pieces at your stylish disposal.

Now it’s time to get #REAL. What did I think about my first three pieces? Honestly, I was obsessed. I received my first Rocksbox on January 22 and for the remainder of January and even into February, these gold, cube earrings are the only earrings I opted for almost all month.


I must have worn this gold necklace at least twenty times throughout the month as well. It goes with everything! I mean it, EVERYTHING! 

The midi ring was a bit harder to integrate into my normal style routine — not for lack of liking the piece because quite truthfully, I’m obsessed with it and REALLY considered buying it. But because it’s a midi ring and I find that they tend to fall off, I was scared to lose it so I only wore it around the house or for the sake of taking pictures. But isn’t it so cute? If I could get it perfectly sized to fit my hand, I would consider purchasing it.


All in all, I was completely obsessed with my very first Rocksbox, so I would give it the best possible rating out there. Also worth noting is that Rocksbox says each of these items can be valued at around $200; if you do the math, for just $20 a month, you’re really getting quite the deal here. All in all, I would 100% recommend this subscription service most especially if you’re like me and tend to fall into a jewelry rut. This service really helps you alternate your pieces and keeps you trying new things as opposed to opting for the same boring Claire’s studs every day (like moi).


OK, now for the fun stuff! If you use this code: stephosmanskixoxo it grants you one FREE month of Rocksbox! I promise I wouldn’t recommend anything if I didn’t 100% stand by it, so make sure you use this code to try out your free month. It’s as worth it as Fifth Harmony. 😉 Sign up here!

Have you tried out Rocksbox? I would love to know what you thought! Comment below + make sure to let me know if you used the code! 

Steph Osmanski
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