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Updated: Skin Care Routine

Updated: Skin Care Routine



Back in summer of 2014, I celebrated my 100th post by detailing my facial routine. (You can check that out here.) But now it’s 2016 and me and my skin are two years older. As you can imagine, my routine has deviated and changed a bit, and now seemed like the perfect time to share an update.

I spent my teen years treating my skin harshly. Retin-A and all of the the most strident and unrelenting dermatologist-approved products were welcomed on my face. But as I approach 25, I no longer feel the need to burn off my skin in an attempt to take care of it. So what you will see below is an array of low-key products that, when together, really do the trick.

It took me four years of college (and admittedly, one or two post-college ones) to learn the importance of makeup remover. I always acknowledged it but seldom used it. If I remembered to wipe off my makeup before bed, I did so with only water, but you and I both know that doesn’t do the trick.

Now I use the CVS brand of oil-free eye makeup remover (which is comparable to the oil-free Neutrogena one pictured below) and Simple’s Micellar Wipes.

You’d be amazed by how much makeup comes off in stage two, even after remover. It just goes to show that you must be thorough and have an arsenal of products that will treat your skin right.


In comes the Micellar Cleansing Water! In the past, I’ve used thicker cleansers from Neutrogena and No.7 but at this stage in my life, I don’t need a thick cream to cleanse my face. Simple’s Micellar Cleansing Water is gentle and I walk away from using it feeling fresh-faced, rejuvenated, and confident that all my day-old makeup has been successfully removed.

Witch Hazel is the best toner option out there. Seriously, I used to dabble in various toners, but after doing some extensive research, I learned that this is all I need in this life of sin. A big bottle is about five or six dollars at CVS or Walgreen’s and I’ve found it lasts about six months to a year. Needless to say, I’ll never go back to expensive, short-lasting toners.

Pro tip: You also don’t need to invest in expensive makeup setting spray either! Put some toner in a spray bottle, as witch hazel is the main ingredient in setting spray anyway.

Though I used to be die-hard about exfoliating twice a week, I somehow begrudgingly fell out of that habit. After getting my makeup professionally done at Sephora a few weeks ago, my makeup artist convinced me that I should get back to exfoliating. She asked me if I did and I said no; then she exfoliated my face for me and showed me all of the gunk and dead skin that came off of it. That’s about as convincing an argument as it gets to whip somebody back into bi-weekly shape!

Pictured above is Biore’s Charcoal Exfoliator, but I’m actually using the CVS brand at the moment. (I couldn’t find a good picture of it on the website.) It’s the Beauty 360 CVS brand and I’m really liking it so far; it has just as good results as the Biore version and it smells really great.

To finish this routine off, I am using a product prescribed to me by my dermatologist and then applying Ultra Repair Cream Intense Therapy from First Aid Beauty. For acne spots, I apply a small bit of Tea Tree Oil.

So: What is your skincare routine like? How has it changed as you’ve grown older? Share it below! 

Steph Osmanski
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