Design Tips to Upgrade Your Bathroom - Steph Osmanski
Upgrade your bathroom with these five design, DIY, and decor tips.
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Design Tips to Upgrade Your Bathroom

Design Tips to Upgrade Your Bathroom

Over the years, I’ve gone through phases when it comes to bathroom organization. As a 21-year-old living in my first rented apartment, I was convinced the bathroom area was a space that deserved to looked lived-in. There was always a straightener on the sink, a few half-used products laying around.


Now, I like my bathroom the way I like my room: organized. Every thing that lives in my bathroom has a place. Especially when working with a smaller place, organization is key. Keep reading to check out my favorite ways to upgrade your bathroom!

Light a candle.

Because there’s nothing like walking into a bathroom that smells amazing. Whether you choose lavender (my personal bathroom scent choice) or something more cake-y like vanilla, a nice scent in a room that is usually used for sometimes-stinky things can help reclaim the space from that yucky connotation.

Always have an extra towel on hand.

It’s a mistake I’ve often made throughout my years of renting apartments — not having enough towels. When I’m doing a load of wash or I have a house guest, it becomes apparent that more towels are essential. If there’s enough room in the bathroom for shelving, a good way to ensure there are always enough towels is to roll them up and leave them on the shelves.

Store away products.

I’m not a big fan of keeping a bunch of products visible in the bathroom. Unless each product has a place on built-in shelving or it’s displayed in a way that’s clutter-free, I prefer all my products in drawers or in cabinets. If I need a product, I only take it out while using it. Immediately after, it goes back to its space.


Steph Osmanski
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