Steph Osmanski | #WFHCOFFEETOUR: BWÉ CAFE, EP. 3
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If you live in Hoboken, then you know the unspoken coffee shop rule: BWÉ is the way. That’s why episode three of the Work From Home Coffee Tour is all about the Bokes’ favorite local spot, located on 11th and Washington.

Bwe Cafe hits on all of the important aspects a freelancer could potentially want out of a coffee shop: strong Wifi, ample outlets, cute decor, incomparable almond chai lattes, and a bit of outdoor seating. Because it’s such a hot spot in a prime Washington Street location, you have to get there super early if you want to secure yourself a spot. There’s almost always a line, at least early in the morning, for drinks and snacks and such, but it goes by fairly quickly. Since seating is in such high demand, it’s best to put down your stuff at a spot and then get in line for nutrients. Bwe has a long table in the back of the shop that allows 10+ people to sit, enjoy the wifi (and the necessary outlets needed in order to enjoy said wifi!). It’s a Hobokenite freelancer’s dream, which is why the shop sees a lot of long-term Internet-users throughout the day. In the past, I’ve spotlighted coffee shops but mentioned that they’re not all-day spots, but this is an all-day spot. You can literally work here 9-5pm. Plus, the in-house Spotify playlist renders your personal earbuds unnecessary.

There’s a spate of coffee shops in Frank Sinatra’s hometown, but the reason that Bwe sticks out is its unique vibe. The decor is very homey and inviting and the natural lighting is really great for Instagramming. The long communal table in the back of the cafe is also a great seating option instead of the tiny coffee tables far away from plugs that most other shops have. Plus, the clientele is usually super nice and if you have to use the restroom, someone will always be happy to watch your stuff. Lastly, Bwe does a really great poetry night monthly, so it provides an option for networking with other like-minded creatives.

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Steph Osmanski
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  • This is so inspiring! I love the post:)

    August 23, 2016 at 5:37 pm

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