Steph Osmanski | #WFHCoffeeTour: Bibble + Sip, Ep. 1
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#WFHCoffeeTour: Bibble + Sip, Ep. 1

#WFHCoffeeTour: Bibble + Sip, Ep. 1

Hi, Internet. It’s been a while. I promise I’m going to update you soon about what’s going on with the blog, but until that moment comes, I’m introducing a new, special series. Behold: the Work From Home Coffee Tour hashtag. AKA, what dreams are made of.

My lovely friend Vivian Nunez (who you can find here) and I have started the campaign and hashtag #WFHCoffeeTour, under which we are enslaving ourselves to the very daunting task of identifying, reviewing, and Instagramming all of the best work-from-homeable coffee shops in New York/Hoboken/Brooklyn.

That’s right, we live to please, people and we also live for lists. And Google Spreadsheets. All summer long, we will be the self-proclaimed purveyors of the most popular and most secretive spaces that harbor the strongest wifi signal, much-discussed treats, and of course, the perfect playlist.

First on my list of stops is Bibble + Sip, which is located on W. 51st + 8th avenue. It is the home of an infamous lavender latte that everyone on Four Square raves about, a plethora of alpaca memorabilia, and of course, those vibrant green tea cream puffs that will undoubtedly blow up your feed in weeks to come, if they haven’t already.


Here’s the scoop on the cream puffs though: If you’re anything like me and are looking to fulfill a hankering for matcha early in the morning, it won’t do. The cream puffs aren’t available until 12pm. I can also confirm from personal experience that the hyped-up lavender latte is everything it’s cracked up to be, most especially in the way of its Instagrammability.

Other delicious snacks worth noting: HUMUNGOUS chocolate chip cookies, dark chocolate brownies, chocolate chunk blondies with walnuts, and the alpaca bar, which features apples, dark chocolate, golden raisins, walnuts, oat streusel, and caramel drizzle (all of which I did NOT try but am willing to go back and sample for the sake of thoroughness).


More things to note: There is access to free wifi here, although patrons need to ask the barista for the password. The overall vibe at Bibble + Sip is very chill; it’s a small, tight-knit space, so I couldn’t imagine working here for more than 1-2 hours maximum. It’s more of a chatty, coffee date kind of place, but it could be a great option for getting some free writing done, just maybe not long term.

There is great natural lighting so every picture comes out near-perfect, with minimal need for exposure-tweaking in photo editing apps. The table tops also feature lots of green shrubbery, perfect with which to accent your carefully-arranged IG photos.

Other important points: There’s construction going on right across the street, outside of the Gershwin Theater, so it isn’t the quietest of locations. The upshot to this however, is that there’s a great playlist blaring from the shop’s speakers, so it’s an obstacle easily overlooked.

Questions, comments, concerns? Love/hate my review? Comment below! #WFHCoffeeTour

Steph Osmanski
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  • So — wait … are you now working from home, most of the time?


    June 24, 2016 at 4:02 pm

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