Steph Osmanski | #WFHCoffeeTour: Chalait, Ep. 2
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#WFHCoffeeTour: Chalait, Ep. 2

#WFHCoffeeTour: Chalait, Ep. 2

Guess who’s back? Back again. It’s the #WFHCoffeeTour and we’re here again with episode two. This week’s choice spot? Chalait.

This time around, I found myself sitting in the heart of the West Village, sipping a green matcha tea latte and eating an amazing sandwich consisting of unlikely ingredients.

wfhcoffeetour2.pngChalait is a quaint, tiny coffee shop on the corner of Christopher Street and W. 4th. Minimalism is its aesthetic; there isn’t much in the way of seating–only a few stools bar style and several seats by the windows. There is a decent amount of outlets (3+ which is a lot for a shop this teeny) but no wifi. Throughout this tour, there will be a few shops listed that don’t offer wifi and the reason why Vivian and I are choosing to include them is they are still good options for free-writing–creative writing or productive writing that doesn’t require an Internet connection. So if you’re looking to turn out three chapters of the book you’re writing, this might be the place you want to spend an hour…

BUT: You can totally connect with the bank’s wifi from across the street. #JustSayin’



Now for the meat of the review–AKA, what I ate: the Greenwich sandwich and a green matcha latte as a combo together are the bees knees. The Greenwich is vegetarian and features yummy stuff like Sriracha mayo and pickled onions. Oh, and radishes!

This was my first matcha latte and let me leave you with this warning: It’s not sweet. I was picturing a green chai basically, but that’s not the case at all. It’s still good though and is supposedly a great energy-booster.

While we’re on the food vertical, there are several things I’m willing to return for in order to try.  Chalait offers Black Label Donuts–most specifically, a green tea crème brûlée one I’m aching to sink my teeth into–but ye be warned, this is a partnership Chalait is easing into. They only have donuts available on Fridays and Saturdays and I’m willing to bet they go pretty quickly based on supply and demand. I’d also go back to try the Warm Cauliflower and Quinoa Bowl. Sounds delish.

Another notable #eeeeeats: To-go energy bites and green juicies. Also, in close proximity is the W. Village Big Gay Ice Cream, so it was a super fun treat to get a Bea Arthur cone after ingesting matcha, radishes, and Sriracha.


Lattes can be made with three additional options rather than regular whole milk: almond, soy, and macadamia milk. While it’s great news for those of us who have cut out animal milk, there is an unfortunate caveat to this otherwise convenient alternative: anything other than cow’s milk is an additional .50 cents.

My final ruling: This isn’t a great coffee shop for working-from-home purposes. It’s small, wifi-less, and the environment doesn’t lend itself to prolific laptoppers with deadlines. But there’s good news though: The Christopher Street location is actually closing come the end of July and two new shops are opening in the Flat Iron District and Chelsea Market. While it’s sad to see Chalait leave its charming West Village location, perhaps there will be wifi + more space in the two new locations. Here’s to hoping!

Questions, comments, concerns? Love/hate my review? Comment below! #WFHCoffeeTour

Steph Osmanski
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