What Did I Think of my May Ipsy Bag? - Steph Osmanski
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What Did I Think of my May Ipsy Bag?


I quite literally screamed out loud when this Ipsy bag arrived in the mail. I mean, just check out that bag. It could not BE any cuter, to quote Chandler Bing. Initially, I was quite pumped about the tapered blending brush and the Klorane eye patches because I kneel before the holy Klorane. (I love their work.) Keep reading to check out my review!

Chella Eyebrow Color Pencil

#NotAFan. Sorry, I’m not one to beat around the bush. But in all seriousness, I am sure this is a lovely eyebrow product but I’m really not interested in finding any new products where my brows are concerned. I’ve done my research, I’ve already found the process and the tools that work for me, and I’m so enthralled with the way my brows are now, I have no interest in changing anything.

Although, I will say, I tried this Tantalizing Taupe pencil once and I found it wasn’t enough by itself. It doesn’t fill in brows totally, but it definitely helps patch up sparse areas that require a fine tip, you know, for precision and detailing.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Lip Pencil

#NotAFan part two. I was really excited upon initially receiving this lip pencil, but in the end, it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. In theory, this pencil from Urban Decay goes on before your gloss or lipstick and works to keep it in place all day long. Urban Decay says it is supposed to “glide on smoothly,” but I found this wasn’t the case. It left my lips feeling dry and odd and I noticed no difference in how long my lipstick lasted with this primer. If anything, I was applying gloss and chapstick more frequently because my lips felt dried out.

Luxie Beauty Tapered Blending Eye Brush

I love a good tapered blending brush for the eyes, so I welcomed this product with open arms. Now I have two tapered blending brushes, both from Ipsy bags, and I will say I prefer the other to this one. The Luxie brush #205 is almost too fluffy in a way. You can’t use it for great detail. Its bristles are almost too long; it’s as if it bends in half while I’m trying to blend out shadow. I do love its rose gold detailing and the fact that it’s animal cruelty free and vegan. That’s always an added bonus in makeup products!

CoTZ Face Natural SPF 40

Love this stuff! I have been using it every morning since my May bag arrived. What I love most is that I can face my day head-on, knowing my mug is thoroughly protected by SPF 40. Just as its description promises, it is very silky, very soft, and — there’s no other way to describe it — glides onto your face as elegantly and effortlessly as Kristi Yamaguchi would across a skating rink. Concealer also applies really well on top of this, so I never have to worry about a lack of coverage. I will say this COTZ product is not particularly great at minimizing redness. In fact, my face generally looks notably red after applying it.

Klorane Smoothing and Relaxing Patches

I love every Klorane product I’ve ever gotten from Ipsy and these soothing and relaxing eye patches are no exception. I used them the first two nights following my Ipsy bag’s arrival. They left my face feeling so smooth and relaxed; I found a great combination was applying these at night, with all the lights off, and turning on my favorite meditation app. It’s a must-have staple for a calming night routine that prepares you for bedtime. I would definitely buy this product!

Also,I have to say the May bag itself is definitely my favorite bag so far. I’ve already used it to pack my travel makeup when I went on a mini Memorial Day Weekend trip down the shore to Long Beach Island. It’s soooooo cute!

Steph Osmanski
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