What to Do During the Winter - Steph Osmanski
What is there to do when the weather is snowy, freezing, and just overall, bad? Check out these tips for what to do and how to stave away boredom during a cold winter day.
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What to Do During the Winter

Real talk: When it’s less than 30° outside, there isn’t all that much to do. Especially this past winter, temperatures have been absolutely freezing (I mean, Disney World’s water parks literally shut down because of the temps) and it has undeniably put a damper on my social life. Read: When the temperatures are barely in the double digits, no one wants to leave the comfort of their warm, blanket-filled house.


During a time when it’s difficult to even walk the dog for longer than five minutes or to plan dates with bae because everything that’s fun on Long Island has to do with beaches and being outdoors, I decided it was time to come up with some fun alternative, indoor activities to consider when the weather is below freezing. Keep reading to find out all the fun ways I’ve learned to stave off winter boredom and instead of succumbing to cabin fever, keep my sanity!


Photo by Beth Solano on Unsplash

Play a board game

Board games are not just a kid thing! My personal favorite is and always will be Scrabble and I love challenging people to a game, especially when all that can be done is to stay in by the fire and stare at each other. Scrabble — or any board game, really — is an exceptional way to keep the mind active and working, especially on a day when all you might do otherwise is veg around and binge-watch Monk.

Learn a new recipe

There is no better time to put your cooking (or baking!) skills to the test than on a cold, winter day. I often use freezing cold temperatures as an opportunity to work on a new cooking challenge. Since it’s too chilly to even get in the car and head to the grocery store for specific ingredients, try putting together a recipe with the ingredients you already have in the house. Personally, I’m still attempting to master poached eggs (every batch comes out starkly different!) and committing my favorite frittata recipe to memory. Or, try making your own at-home almond milk!

Work on a puzzle

Puzzles are another awesome way to keep the mind stimulated and free from boredom. Start laying out puzzle pieces in a communal area of the house and everyone you live with should take turns trying to solve a part of the puzzle each time they go by. Sure, it might take a while, but finishing a puzzle feels like quite the feat once it’s all put together.

Turn binge-watching into trivia

As for the aforementioned act of binge-watching Monk, my family and I are totally guilty. And listen, there’s nothing wrong with shutting off your brain to watch 10 episodes of a series on Netflix or Hulu but it might be a better, more stimulating option to turn the event into a game. After watching an episode or two with friends or family, start asking each other some trivia about each episode or about the series (or season) in general. How well did you fare?

Use a workout app

Moving your body is likely the last thing you want to do on a snow day but I promise once you put in the effort and burn a few calories, you’re going to feel so glad you did. Whether you’re using an exercise app like 7-Minute Workout or even just a guided meditation, getting somewhat active on a cold and dreary day will perk you up and keep you feeling less like a big bloated blob.

Steph Osmanski
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