What You Should Eat at Doughnut Plant - Steph Osmanski
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What You Should Eat at Doughnut Plant


Previously, I’ve mentioned my obsession for the famous donut shop Dough while discussing five of the places in New York City that I’ve managed to make my personal pockets.

While I still identify as an integral part of Dough’s cult-like following, I’m not ashamed to admit that since the store on W. 19th St. closed for renovations, I have broadened my donut horizons.

Cue Doughnut Plant, which truthfully, is probably just as famous and beloved as Dough. It’s expensive, sure, but these are some quality donuts, people. Since I discovered this spot, I’ve tried quite a few different kinds. Doughnut Plant is different because it boasts several varieties: yeast, filled squares, doughseeds, and cake. Here are my favorite picks:

  • YEAST: Vanilla Bean — If you’re the traditional type or it’s your first visit, you have to go with this donut staple. It’s covered in the most delicious glaze I’ve ever encountered.
  • FILLED SQUARE: Coconut Cream — I’m a sucker for anything coconut-flavored and while this one is super big, it’s also equally as scrumptious.
  • DOUGHSEEDS: Creme Brulee — This one is extraordinary because it was actually invented on the premises. Being that this is the exact shop it was conceived, you can’t find a more tasty version of it. Literally, it’s world famous.
  • CAKE: Matcha Green Tea — If there is something green tea-flavored, I am always willing to try it. I definitely won’t venture as far as to say I’d choose this pick over any of the others mentioned, but it’s by far my favorite cake donut. Added bonus: It’s bright green!
  • DRINK: Iced chai tea latte — You just have to. It a lovable combination of cinnamon and ginger, much sweeter than the Dunkin Donuts version.

I’m curious to know one of your favorite eateries in Manhattan. Comment your favorite treat spot below!

Steph Osmanski
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